Ahhhh…….about half of our January birthdays are over this month! Big exhale! LOL We have 13 family/friends birthdays we celebrate in the month of January. Sheeeesh!!!! I mean seriously! These poor people who’s birthdays are the month following Christmas……now….I KNOW they are special people….even precious people…..but I am so done celebrating! Food, gift wrap…….bows and presents! OIY! Ok…I am just venting here a weeeeee bit and I will continue to move through the month honoring those who’s birthdays are still yet to come. I love these people and they certainly deserve more from me than the sense of urgency for this month to hurry by! Phew…..glad that’s out….now I can smile and move forward!

It seems I do pretty well posting entries on my blog in the early part of the week and then fizzle toward the end……..I don’t know why that stresses me a bit. I guess I am wierd that way, but more and more I am just thinking…Oh well! I don’t have to post because it’s my journal! LOLOL I mean, I am not marketing on it, I am not coaching on it….I am just journaling! Ahhhhhhhh liberty!

I attended a card making class yesterday with my good friend Denise Wallace. Denise showed us how to make 2 of the coolest Valentine cards! I was going to show them off here but my camera batteries faded. I will be sure to post the cards tomorrow, Denise is SUCH a pro at this and I am excited to be learning technique from her, besides just getting to spend time with her doing something we both love! You can see Denise’s blog here—->>> http://waldeewee.blogspot.com/ Treat yourself to a visit to her page…..you’ll love it!

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