…….blogging, ladybugs, my massage therapist daughter ( I’d love her even if she didn’t give me massages >wink<), square foot gardening, my Solara, people who visit my blog and leave comments, papercrafting, being a grandma, reading good books, friends, cooking, MY HUSBAND :), being a child of God….oh there’s more…..I am just bursting with gratitude this evening and had to share it with someone!

I just found out yesterday that wordpress has chosen my blog as their featured CRAFT blog!! Who knew!? I’ve only been blogging for about 2 months now, so I’d love to know what I did *right* to earn this honor! I am thrilled to have been chosen for it and I guess I should not concern myself with *how* it happened and just keep doing more of what I’ve been doing! Just sharing my heart and interests here on my virtual journal……..yup…..that’s what I’ll do……just keep on doing what I love doing and sharing it here in my lil’ corner of the net!

Last week I created an award for blog pages that I love visiting and since then, I’ve been contacted by people in the UK, Germany and Australia, letting me know the award had traveled to those countries. How fun to know that my *Makes My Heart Smile* award has traveled so far! WOW! It really makes my heart smile to know that my award has made so many other hearts smile!

Happy to be In His Grip tonight~