A Simple Woman’s Daybook~

It’s been nearly a year and a half since I’ve posted a blog entry and I’ve been hankering to do so. I deleted my facebook account last spring when the Oregon weather drew me outside and I figured I would hop back on facebook after summer came to an end. I am not excited about facebooking anymore but I do enjoying journaling so I turned to my blog again!


Yes….I think this will work perfectly for me….I found The Simple Woman’s Daybook, another blogger and I really loved how she journals her daily entries…..so I joined her group of journaling women. Fingers crossed this format will keep my interest 🙂


For Today: Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Outside My Window: It is beautiful out today! Sunny and bright….temps in the low 70’s…..wonderful Indian Summer 🙂

I Am Thinking: About what the garden has in it for some dinner tonight.

I Am Thankful For: My husband 🙂 oxoxo And for the beautiful fall weather we are having this year….it couldn’t be better at all.

I Am Wearing: Jeans and a new lavender hoodie.

I Am Remembering: The Columbus Day Storm (Oct. 12th) here in Oregon almost 50 years ago…..I was 5 years old and I remember sitting in the safety and warmth of my house, looking out of the window over the back of the couch while trees and power lines were falling all over the neighborhood. Some landed on house….other’s landed on cars and still others fell into the street.

I Am Creating: Christmas gifts! Handstitching several different items this year, making cards and other treats from the kitchen. Can’t say what they are though….some of you might be on my list 🙂

I Am Going: To have coffee with one of my longtime best friends tomorrow morning. You know I love you Becky 🙂

I Am Reading: The Bible, a Hal Lindsey Book and a book called The Lifer, a true story about a man named Ted Winters….a little Oregon History.

I Am Hoping: The weather continues to hold for a few more weeks here in the Pacific Northwest……the sunshine is so wonderful and once it goes….we won’t see it again until late spring……

On My Mind: My unsaved family and friends……

Noticing That: I could stand to vacuum today…..uuuggghh….

Pondering These Words: Jesus gives us real eyes, so we can realize, the real lies…..

From My Kitchen: Homemade Pizza last night…leftovers tonight! I think I might have enough tomatoes left to make a nice big batch of homemade pizza sauce…..we’ll see…..

Around My House: I’ve noticed I haven’t put away my spring/summer decorations….only about 3 weeks late this year! Usually I have my fall decor out and displayed by now….but the sun is still high in the sky so I refuse….:)

One Of My Favorite Things: Driving around Oregon in the fall….stopping at local Farmer’s Markets…..Pumpkin Milkshakes…oh stop me….

Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Coffee with my bestie on Wednesday…coffee with another bestie on Thursday…make up a batch of pizza sauce and get it canned, Prison Fellowship Ministry on Friday and then spending Friday afternoon with my mother in law 🙂

Picture From My Journal:

One of my potholder patterns.....

If you would like to join us in The Simple Woman’s Daybook, please see Peggy for details.

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