As promised earlier today….here is the recipe for my  home canned pizza sauce. Your house will smell delicious for days after you effort at canning this stuff.

Home Canned Pizza Sauce~

25 lbs. ~ tomatoes

5 ~ Large Green Peppers (diced)

2 ~ Large white onions (diced)

1 ~Bunch Italian Flat Leaf Parsley (chopped fine)

2/3 ~ cup dried Oregano

1/4 ~ cup dried basil

2 ~ Full heads garlic (skinned and bruised or crushed)

1 ~ Tbls. salt

1 ~ tsp. pepper

2 ~ cups Olive Oil ( I only use 1 cup )

2 ~ cups Pinot Noir wine

Blanch and skin the tomatoes…..put them into a large stock pot. Combine all of the other ingredients and to the pot, reserving 1 cup of the Pinot Noir to add just prior to packing your jars for canning.

Simmer the sauce for 5-7 hours on low. You will notice the volume reducing as time passes. When it thickens up a wee bit…..add the final cup of wine and simmer another hour or so.

Ladel into sterilized canning jars, seal with sterilized lids and ring down.

Process in water bath: Quarts 25 minutes; Pints 15 minutes

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie....that's AMORE'

Yields: approximately 12 quarts of Pizza Sauce

Now……be sure to que up some Italian music while working on your sauce! You may enjoy another Dean Martin selection……..

Bon Appetite! Ok….ok… I’ve got my languages crossed…..go with me on this 🙂

Gratefully in His grip~