It was somewhat of a challenging weekend for Bryan and I. He hasn’t been feeling well for about a week now…..poor guy……he is really not a typical complaining fella when he is sick. One of his co-workers said to me one time…”geez Deb….your husband is a VAULT! He could be loosing a limb or passing a kidneystone and we wouldn’t know it” So when he agreed to let me take him to the emergency room Sunday afternoon…I knew he was in pain. Diagnosis~ *Sinusitis* with impacted sinuses 😦 He is doing much better today…Praise God…but all of that to say this….I apologize for not being able to take a picture of the actual loaves of Eggnog Bread I made….I have uploaded a picture of some other loaves I took…..but you get the idea…..I hope 😉


Now….in my last Holiday Bread post…I challenged you guys to see if you could pick the 2 ingredients that someone might be inclined to either leave out of the recipe or to substitute……it was fun to hear from you guys! Alas…..I should have chosen 3 ingredients that folks might be tempted to substitute or leave out! Here they are….

* Almond Flavoring….don’t do it….don’t leave this out!

* Butter Flavoring…again…don’t do it…’ll be sorry!!!

* Orange Juice (in the icing)~ OMGOSH! Don’t use milk or anything else to thin this icing….the orange juice puts this recipe in the *Recipe Hall of Fame*


Ahhhh….before I present the Eggnog Bread recipe…..many thanks to my Aunt Jude for sharing these recipes of grandma’s with me. I appreciate it so much! My mother is now with Jesus and while I got her recipe box….some of these recipes weren’t there! I am hoping my cousins and anyone else that might have some of Grandma’s or Grandma Raffael’s recipes will be kind enough to share with me so I can try them and share them here on my blog. If you are a member of my family (on mom’s side) and you think other’s in our family will enjoy having these recipes…please share my blog link with them…I would so love to hear from them! Thanks in advance!

Mini Loaves: Hawaiian Banana Bread with Pineapple and ground flax



1  1/3  cup sugar                    1/2 cup oleo

2 eggs                                    3 tsp baking powder

2 cups eggnog                        3 cups flour

May add 1 cup mixed fruit and nuts

Cream sugar, oleo, beat in eggs.  Mix flour with baking powder


and mix alternately with the eggnog.


Fold in fruit.  Bake 325 for 1 hour and 15 minutes,


or til done. 

While warm glaze with:

1/2 cup powdered sugar        1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp nutmeg                        enough milk to drizzle

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