I am so fortunate to have been surrounded by so many Godly women in my life….women who showed by example how to make a house a home and how to live in such a way that pleases God….my mother being the best mother ever!!! The Lord took her home 12 years ago to be with Him and blessed our family with Rita a few years later! I have learned so much from her!!! She shines with God’s love and shares it with everyone she meets 🙂 This recipe is one that I had the priviledge of tasting back in Oct. of 2010 and loved it! She remembered….and blessed us with a sausage making kit for Christmas! Now we can make it ourselves and pay it forward! I love you Reet….for all that you are! For loving my dad like you do! We are all better for having you in our lives!
I made this for the first time this week and it was great fun! It was easy and the house smelled delicious all day long! I was able to vacuum seal four packages of two, for treats at a later date 🙂 We often get together with friends and these will be perfect for a quick appetizer!

Mama Reet’s Homemade Sausage

3 pounds ground beef
2 pounds ground turkey breast (I used ground pork)
4 tsp. black pepper (1 tsp. can be cracked peppercorns if you like)
1 Tbls. sugar
1 3/4 tsp. salt cure
1/2 tsp. cayenne (red pepper)
1 tsp whole mustard seeds
2 tsp. garlic salt ( can use minced if you prefer…1 tsp.)
1 cup water
Place meats in large mixing bowl, combine spices and mix well before adding to meat. Add spices to meat and 1 cup of water. Mix all together well….get your hands in there and mix! 🙂 Cover and refrigerate 12 hours.
Divide the mixture into 5 or 6 balls. Shape each ball into a log. Place on a broiler pan so the grease will drip down while cooking. Bake at 200 degrees for about 8 hours. Let cool. I always papertowel off the outside a bit to remove any grease that might have accumulated. Seal up and freeze….leaving one out to eat!