I LOVE Valentine’s Day! I always have 🙂 Probably because I’ve always loved making Valentine’s Cards and gifts…….the only thing I like better than making these goodies is giving them! 🙂
I already found my new card for this year and will start making them tomorrow…..for now….here are some of the designs I made last year…..some of you might have received one 🙂
Keep in mind…I am a really bad photographer…..on occassion, I get a nice clean snapshot of something but about 85% of the time….I just sigh a big sigh and use what I end up with. I don’t know what I do right when I end up with a nice picture and I don’t know what I do wrong when I end up with a bad one…..I’ve considered taking a photography class at our local Community College several times…….maybe I just need so sign up for it…….we’ll see 😉
I’d like to have some fun with my family, friends and blog readers…..soooo……drum roll please…..and here we go….
I have:
10 Stamps
10 Cards
10 Envelopes
For the first 10 people that comment on this post….I will send one of the cards you see below (my pick) to one of your family or friends (you pick) 😉 I will sign it from you and send it with your return address…..your recipient will receive it by Valentines Day!
Let’s play!
In His Grip~