It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted an entry on my blog… gears are going to need to be oiled up a bit for sure. I spent an hour or so dusting the place…turned on the heat….put on the coffee and I think I am feeling at home again πŸ™‚

Ahhhh…it’s quiet here….peaceful….I can hear my own thoughts and most importantly….I can hear the Lord whispering to me….lately He’s been calling….*Come Away My Beloved* I long for more time with Him….I crave it. It humbles and blesses me to know that He desires the same from me. Be still my soul……yes…peace be still πŸ™‚

Selah Be Still My Soul~


For the last few months the Lord has been speaking to me about His gifts….His blessings. Both physical and spiritual. Something I believe He is beginning to show me about our spiritual gifts is that all of us are so different and each of us have been gifted in such delightfully different ways! The Body of Christ…..many members….but one body. 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31 Hands, feet, knees, eyes, arms, shoulders, eyes, mouths, ears….you get the picture πŸ˜‰ I am realizing how very much I need the other members to be as healthy at their posts as they can be! In turn….my brothers and sisters in the family of faith need for me to be as healthy at my post as I can possibly be. Hmmm??? How can I help my spiritual family? I have found that prayer has proven to be the most powerful way for me to help support and serve. I love praying as the Lord leads and I love knowing that I am being prayed for. I love knowing that I have been uniquely gifted to serve Him with the goal being to build up the Body of Christ. I am learning to deeply appreciate the giftedness of others. At times in my life…I have been envious of others gifts…..I know now that was a waste of time and truly counter productive to the ways of God. Are you envious of the gifts that others have? Are you content with your God-appointed role?

An observation: It seems to me that there are two extreme attitudes in the Body of Christ: “I can do everything” & “I can’t do anything.” Both attitudes miss the center of the mark: One is born of pride & selfishness; the other from not knowing the value of every member.

I’ve been calmed and encouraged as the Lord has taught me a fresh new perspective concerning the gifts of the Spirit. Well….it’s fresh and new to me πŸ™‚


God has designed the Church (body) to achieve His purposes – 12:18 (28); Rom. 12:4-5.

1. Different gifts – Same Spirit – 12:4. (we all have been blessed)

2. Different ministries – Same Lord – 12:5. (we render different services)

3. Different activities (works) – Same God – 12:6. (through different ways or methods)

Dear Lord~ I ask that you help me embrace the gifts you’ve given me to serve you with. I also ask that you would help each and every member of Your Body to embrace and walk powerfully in the gifts you’ve bestowed on each of them to serve You with. Thank you for these gifts….thank You for hearing this prayer. In Jesus name~ Amen

It’s good to be back!

In His wonderful grip~