Acts 13:48a

When the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and honored the word of the Lord;


I ran a day care while my children were younger. I rarely let the children play out in the front yard because we had a wonderful and beautiful fenced backyard for them to play in. One day, some of the older children, and by older I mean, the 8-10 year olds were petitioning me to let them play out in the front yard. Against my better judgement….I allowed two of the older boys out to play in the front yard. There were other children in the neighborhood shooting hoops, riding skateboards and such, so I didn’t think the idea was all that bad. We live on a street that is one short block long with no through streets on either end so traffic was not a real concern. The boys were elated! I ran down a list of rules to follow…they nodded their heads to each and every one of them…..they promised to honor my word…….were good to go!


Thrilled with their new found freedom…..the day ended….their parents came for them and all seemed well. Later that evening we heard a knock on the door. It was our neighbor Ron from across the street. He had come to let me know that the front seat of his car had been filled with pine cones and dirt clods. Apparently he had left the passenger side window down all day long (it was mid-summer). Ron told us that after interviewing some of the other neighborhood boys that he was reasonably convinced that the offender lived in our house.


Now…I have 3 boys of my own…..quite a bit older than the two that begged for their freedom that day. Our own boys all had solid safety nets…..two of them were at work and the other was away at summer camp. Uh-oh…..the list of suspects had been narrowed down to only two. Michael and Josh.


After hearing Ron and chatting with him a bit….I told him that we would get to the bottom of the mystery the next day…..and we did. The boys arrived and ate breakfast. I began to tell them about neighbor Ron and his complaint. Immediately Michael said….*It was Josh!* Josh began to whimper and offered a full fledged confession.


I walked hand in hand with Josh over to Ron’s house…..he knocked on the door and asked to speak to Ron. Ron came to the door…..(he is a giant of a man, standing 6’6″ tall) Trembling and voice shaking…Josh squeaked out his apology. Ron forgave him and put him to work cleaning up the mess. Hard lesson learned for a young man. Years later….after Josh graduated from high school….he and his parents came for dinner. He shared that he had never forgotten that lesson and his parents shared that it had a huge impact on him going forward as well!


I am telling a story about a young man named Josh who didn’t honor my words…..and the consequences he paid for not doing so……but when I read the verse above…..I have to notice how very much like Josh I am! The Lord instructs me in His Word to do things His way and so often I don’t…..often times with disastrous consequences.


Food for thought:


Scripture is the Lord’s word of instruction. When you read scripture and hear the Lord’s voice are you “glad”? What have you read or heard recently that has been difficult to do or apply? Did you do it your way or the Lord’s? What was the result? Will you “honor” the Lord’s Word? In what area is the Lord instructing you today? Will you listen and apply what you have learned? Or, will you continue in your own way? The way of the follower of Christ is to listen for and do God’s will.


In His Gracious Grip~