I was introduced to Coconut Oil about 6 years ago…..Oh Em Gee!!!!
It has since become a staple in our home!
We use it for:
1) Cooking (I’ve replaced all other oils except Olive Oil) in our home with this wonderful gift from nature!
2) Baking (I am still learning how to substitute some of our favorite baked goods recipes with Coconut Oil but more and more are being adapted every month)
3) Skin Care (The possibilities here are endless……seriously)
4) Healing wounds…..yes…you read that right……healing wounds.
5) Poison Oak/Poison Ivy
6) Dental/Oral Hygiene
7) Hair Care
The list above is a short list of ways we use Coconut Oil in our home. I’ve got a jar in my kitchen cupboard…..we got a jar in each of our bathrooms…..I carry a tightly lidded container with me in my car at all times.
If I tried to tell you in this one post all of the wonderful things this oil does……you’d be here all night long…..so I won’t….but I will resource and provide links for you to follow up on and do your own research in the event you are interested in learning more!
Here is one of the ways I used it today…..I made my very own Micro-dermabrasion Solution! YIPPY!! It only took two ingredients! Now….I’ve paid the big bucks for commercial products that left my skin feeling dry….reactive and in some cases raw…..not so with my new recipe!!!
Homemade Microdermabrasion Solution:
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 Tbls. Baking soda
Mix together well. Coconut Oil is solid at room temps of 76 and below…..it liquifies at temps above 76 degrees. What you are looking for with this mixture is not some real precise….it can be a wee bit runny….or it can be slightly pastey…..either way….once it’s on your face….it will soften and proves very workable.
Once mixed….scoop out with clean fingers and begin to rub in light circular motions all over your face…..use it just like you would the commercial products…..rinse with nice warm water and PAT your face dry….don’t wipe of the oil when finished….let your face absorb the remaining oil…..this is heavenly!
Some of the characteristics of this oil will impress even the most hardened cynic……
Coconut Oil is:
1) Anti-viral
2) Anti-fungal
3) Anti-bacterial
4) Anti-microbial
It can be purchased OTC (Over the counter) I get mine at our local health food store but I am now seeing it show up on main stream grocery shelves…..if you live in my neck of the woods…..Fred Meyers is now carrying it in their organic foods section.
We use it every single day….morning and night.
My husband recently used it to rid himself of a bad flare up of poison oak! Poison oak to him is a certain week off work if it isn’t arrested IMMEDIATELY! He brought in a load of wood to burn in our wood stove and 45 minutes later the arm he carried the wood in was inflammed…..se lathered the arm with coconut oil and instantly the itching stopped…..the next morning…all signs of the rash were gone.
I have several stories of my own I could share as well….and I will….in another posting coming your way soon 🙂
For now…..I want to encourage you to google the benefits of coconut oil for yourself…..don’t take my word for it….dig in….research….I bet you’ll purchase a case or two before the weekend is out >wink<
Here are a few of my favorite Coconut Oil sites:
http://www.coconutoilbenefits.org/ This site has lots of videos with recipes for different ways to use CO. It also has a wonderful FAQ section. 
http://www.coconut-oil-central.com/coconut-oil-benefits.html Another site I visit often to keep up with ongoing research….they are constantly finding more uses for the oil!
http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/ Last but not least….my very favorite Coconut Oil information site….this is where Dr. Bruce Fife publishes his own research. I purchased Dr. Fife’s first two books on the Coconut Oil Miracle and I can’t begin to tell you how our lives have improved! When you visit here….be sure to look over the left side menu and sign up for his free E-Newsletter…..you’ll thank me later….:)
Spa La La La La!!!
Blessed to be In His Grip~