My heart is full tonight! Full of gratitude for all of the Lords blessings in my life… I grow in my new habit…it becomes easier and easier to recognize all of these wonderful gifts and I can tell I am not taking so many of them for granted anymore……



My List continues~


91) February Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest!!!! WOOT!

92) Yard work in February

93) The sound of lawn mowers in February

94) A husband who loves to cut wood for winter heating.

95) My friend Becky and her steady friendship.

96) The joy is experienced last night at the Harriet House with the girls who joined our study…..seriously amazing women of God.

97) The fact I can still hula hoop! (More on this in a Hula update…..good news…..GREAT news!) 🙂

98) Spring…..signs of spring…..all that is spring….

99) Pinterest. I’ve found so many ideas on Pinterest that I’ve actually tried and now use on a daily basis. I will post a blog entry about the successes soon.

100) Electricity. I am listening to my dryer tumble and am so thankful for the convenience of modern technology in this home.

101) Indoor plumbing….for obvious reasons!

102) The sincere love of good family friends.

103) Pictures that invoke warm, meaningful thoughts.

104) Anointed worship music.

105) Our family meal table.

106) Neighbors that care.

107) New relationships and friendships

108) Old relationships and friendships

109) The roar of the ocean

110) The peace I find in the mountains and on the river

111) Of my daughters smile

112) Of my husbands flirty wink

113) When my husband reaches for my hand when we walk together.

114) Rest

115) Finding a purpose and knowing I am being used for service to the Lord.

116) Walking into a warm house

117) Belly laughter

118) That I am truly learning to WANT what I have instead of wanting what I don’t have….

119) That I am alive right here….right now….for such a time as this…..

120) Phone calls from our sons and their families…

121) Random text messages from friends and family to just say hi or to let me know I am being prayed for…..just wow….

122) Fellowshipping with and hearing the testimony of friends and family who have had their prayers answered.

123) Afternoon naps.

124) Gods attention to all of the details of my life….He cares about what concerns me

125) Almond/Coconut Milk smoothies with hazelnut butter…..

126) For the ability both physically and financially to be able to attend Curves

127) Kisses from my grand daughters and ahem….hugs from my 15 year old grandson 🙂

128) Being able to listen to sermons of so many of my favorite Pastors online.

129) Lying on the couch under my favorite blanket with the fire cracking, watching a movie or reading a good book.

130) Precious….sweet quiet time with my Lord….not the kind of time that requires studying but rather the kind that involves just communing with each other…..intimate fellowship….


Gratefully In His Grip~