Yes!! I heart Pinterest!!!


After leaving facebook I figured I’d have a great deal of time on my hands so what did I do?? Trotted straight over to Pinterest……..hmmmm…….


Well…..I can’t say I am sorry! I’ve discovered so many great ideas and I want to share them here! It’s hard to pick my favorite….or even my top 10 so I will start with my current favorites tonight 🙂




I love to find different ways to tell my husband *I Love You*… the past I’ve sent cards in his lunch to work with him…..I’ve left messages on his bathroom mirror with a dry erase pen for him to wake up to………drum roll please…..he has his own personal message board on the counter in the kitchen that I can write love notes to him any time of the day or night! It’s a simple 5×7 picture frame with some nice printed paper behind the glass…..and a dry erase pen works perfect to keep fresh messages flowing his way! He tells me he loves it…….I know he does because it’s the first thing he glances at when he comes home from work and the first thing he looks at in the morning when he wakes up. It’s a pleasure for me to know I am putting a spring in his step each day……now….if only I could learn to use a camera……I wonder if Pinterest could help me with that….???????





I am working hard at getting healthier….eating healthier……getting fit. I am also a VERY visual person and charting successes has always been super helpful to keep me motivated and on track. I also hate…..and I mean HATE bathroom scales……until last Oct., I hadn’t stepped on one in nearly two years. I’ve heard they make you cry….I believe it. I found something on Pinterest that has changed all of that for me! Now….I can hardly wait until weigh day!! Two small globe vases, tied with pretty ribbon…..and the same number of glass decorator stones as the number of pounds I want to lose. Now each weigh day I get to transfer the number of pounds (stones) from the *to go* jar to the *pounds lost* jar! No…..really……check it out! 🙂



There’s more!! But not tonight……another day…..when my camera isn’t so fussy…..


If you haven’t joined Pinterest…….you should! It’s a lot of fun!!


Joyfully In His Grip~