The following entry is re-blogged from one of my dear sisters blogs….I cried when I read it and am so blessed to be encouraged by Robin to keep my lamp full of oil and the wick trimmed……thank you dear friend for being such a beautiful example of a Wise Virgin…..


what are you waiting for?



    waiting and watching.

        expecting something better,

                          something beautiful,

something that fills the longing.


i do it when i know a long awaited trip lies ahead on my calendar.

or a special dinner with friends i haven’t seen in a long time.

or a quiet date with my husband.

                     –   –        –  –       –  –       –  –

i just read the final pages of my favorite book.

the book that tells my story.

    His story.

        our story.


and i have shivers,

and goosebumps raise,

and anticipation whelms me

as I glimpse what lies ahead for me.


a feast.

    a wedding. 

        a homecoming.


and i am reminded of where i should be gazing expectantly.

    not at my calendar.

        or to any plan or vision of the natural kind.



i cast my heart, my eyes, my longing, my hopes, and my expectation to the skies.

i am a bride and i am waiting for my Groom.

He is coming soon, and even if it is a lifetime from now

a lifetime waiting for Him and being ready is a life not wasted.

He is the fulfillment of every desire,

    now and then.


every other is thin and pale in comparison.


won’t you  join me in watching and waiting?

read Revelation 19 – 22.  

i pray the beauty and the hope overwhelm you too.


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Blessed to be In His Grip~