I love to read! Like my music….I enjoy a wide variety of content and interests when it comes to books I snuggle up with. Some of my favorite reading material are self help books that cover different topics, such as:

The Bible

Health and Nutrition (Natural approaches)


Craft and Art


I also love to read good fiction…..now I know the term *good* is relative, so I have my OWN definition of what I consider good! If I like it….then it’s good! 🙂

During this Christmas break….I read 2 books! Loved them all and found a new favorite fiction author!

The Debt~ Angela Hunt (she’s da bomb!) OMGOSH! I have always loved Christian fiction writers, like Brock and Bodie Thoene (The Zion Chronicles) I am thrilled to have found a new author to read! The Debt was a real page turner for me and made my heart smile over and over again!

The Christmas Sweater~ Glenn Beck  Bryan and Ashley and I, all three of us read this book last week. It truly blessed each one of us! It was so fun to dialogue about it together after each of us finished it! Again….another heart warmer and truly encouraging!

Both titles were inspirational to me and I thoroughly enjoyed them all for different reasons.


6 Responses to “Books I Like”

  1. Becky Says:

    You’ve got to try Francine Rivers
    The Mark of the Lion Series is her best!
    Deb, have you had time to start reading A Voice in the Wind?

    1. Hi Beck! Not yet….but I’ve got it on the TOP of the pile! I planned on sitting down this evening and curling up with it :)) I can’t wait!! Also…I am anxious just to get started with Francine Rivers….so many people love her! Thanks for sharing the book with me 🙂

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Deb, I had wondered if you had read The Shack??? It was really good and I really don’t see where people are getting all warped about it… It is fiction for crying out loud..

    Love you and so glad that you are back.. you sure were missed..

    love and prayers,

    1. trustinghim4ever Says:

      Hi Charlotte!
      Oh gosh….I am with you on this one ladybug…..the book is billed as fiction….the author is not trying to claim any right to doctrine or anything. It is a good fiction book that really pursuades one to persue a more personal relationship to the Father in Heaven and I say yeeehaw!!!!!

      I missed you guys too Charlotte! I had trouble with my internet for nearly 2 weeks and then came the festivivities! Things seem normal now…….whatever normal is! LOL

      I love you too my friend! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Erika Says:

    LOVE Angela Hunt! She’s right up there with Karen Kingsbury and Sally John. I’ve only read a few of Angela Hunt’s, but can’t wait to get my hands on some more! Will be checkin gin here as often as I can, my friend. Hugs!!

    1. trustinghim4ever Says:

      Hi Erika!
      What a treat to see you here! WOW….I am just now discovering Angela Hunt but I have about 8 of her books in the waiting pile right now. My niece, Nicole shared them with me. I am just getting ready to read the Awakening. Have you read it? You made my heart smile this evening! Love you~

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