I love to read…..especially fantastic fiction! Some of my favorite fiction writers are, Joel Rosenburg, Brock and Bodie Theone, Francine Rivers, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Today!  Today I was able to find the final book in a series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins called The Jesus Chronicles! I like to have all of the books in a series before I start reading that series. I know…I know….it sounds sort of strange, but I’ve started far too many book series only to find myself unable to complete them because I can’t find the next book.

So tonight I get to start reading The Jesus Chronicles!


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From Publishers Weekly~


With their wildly popular Left Behind thrillers, LaHaye and Jenkins took the Christian fiction genre to new heights of mainstream success, but also sparked renewed debate among evangelicals concerning End Times theology. Now, they reunite to undertake the Jesus Chronicles, a four-book series of historical novels profiling the lives of the Gospel writers: John, Mark, Matthew, and Luke. This first installment recounts the personal and spiritual journey of the only one of the original apostles who died from old age rather than martyrdom. Robinson Dean brings an appropriately deep and sober tone to his duties as narrator, especially in his portrayal of the elderly John’s exhaustive efforts to leave a written record of both his first-person experiences and prophetic visions. The authors steep their storytelling in a conservative interpretation of scripture that may not appeal evenly across the broader spectrums of Christian theology, but they provide some engaging human drama. The audiobook also includes Dean’s reading of the complete texts of all five New Testament books for which John is credited (John’s Gospel, his three Epistles and Revelation).
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I will share my own review once I finish this series  so stand by if you are interested! You can also read book reviews now simply by googling them.

1000 Gifts~

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20) Ability to learn.

Snuggly in His Grip today~


Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving  was written by Eric Metaxas. This hardback picture book follows the true story of a Native American whose life somewhat paralleled that of the biblical Joseph. Squanto was kidnapped at the age of twelve to be sold into slavery. Some Spanish monks paid his purchase price then spent years teaching him their language and all that they could about God and their faith. In an attempt to get Squanto back to his family and the New World, the monks sent him to England. There he learned English and worked for a nice family until a trustworthy ship was found that would return him to his home.

Ten years after his kidnapping, Squanto finally returned home to find his family gone. The entire village had died due to illness. He decided to live with a nearby tribe, but was still very lonely. One day he learned new people were living in his old village. Squanto was very happy to see families living were he grew up with his family. These were English people, just like the ones who had been so kind to Squanto in London. They were very surprised when Squanto approached them speaking their language! Soon Squanto learned of the struggles these Pilgrims had suffered since arriving in America. He shared his story with them as well. Their governor, William Bradford, made the connection to Joseph of the Bible. “Like you, Joseph was taken from his home and sold as a slave. But God had a plan for him. Through Joseph, God was able to save many people from starving. What man had intended for evil, God intended for good … perhaps God has sent you to be our Joseph.” Throughout the next year, Squanto taught the Pilgrims the ways of the land, where to find food and what crops would grow there. The following autumn, the Pilgrims set a time to thank God for His merciful blessings and invited Squanto and other braves to join them. This was the first Thanksgiving.

The illustrations by Shannon Stirnweis feature detailed, full color, full page paintings. Many are quite life-like.

What I Like: Everything. It introduces a story very few know. It clearly shows God’s providence, the way He orchestrates events perfectly. Even though we may not understand what He is doing, He always has a plan. This book offers accurate history with a practical application.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 5-10

Publisher Info: Thomas Nelson, 1999; 0849958644; Hardback; $9.99

Buy it Now at for $7.99!
Or buy it from for $9.99.


In His capable grip~

Let Me Be a Woman: by Elisabeth Elliot


“When ours are interrupted, his are not. His plans are proceeding exactly as scheduled, moving us always (including those minutes or hours or years which seem most useless or wasted or unendurable) “toward the goal of true maturity” (Rom 12:2 JBP). ~ Elisabeth Elliot


I’ve read a lot of good books written for women seeking to learn about what it means to be a Daughter of the King of kings, but no author has come close to inspiring me like Elisabeth Elliot.


Elisabeth Elliot is officially one of my favorite Christian writers. Her words are so gentle and smooth without a hint of arrogance or bias. Like a mother’s loving encouragement, she speaks upon her experiences as a woman in the faith and in the context of marriage with beautiful pictures that make me excited and thankful to be a woman too.


The book harbors SUCH wisdom and I recommend it to any woman wanting to grow in Christ. Elisabeth has written many books and I’ve read several of them….it was hard to choose which one to review today…..this one is truly a must read for married women, soon to be brides and even men if they’d like to get some perspective 🙂


Visit Elisabeth’s Daily Devotional Blog…you’ll be happy you did!


So thankful to be a woman In His Grip~