Olympia TenEyck


Olympia “Lym” Ten Eyck, age 92, of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan passed away at Tendercare Nursing Home on November 25, 2010.

Lym was born in Sault Ste. Marie, MI on May 19, 1918. She worked at Sears for over 20 years and was a member of the Christopher Columbus Ladies Auxillary, and the First Church of Christ. Lym enjoyed sewing, cooking, gardening and walking. Her cookies and breads were given to her neighbors at the Shallows and relatives for many years at Christmas time. She was an avid walker and walked over 5 miles a day.

She is survived by her children; Judy (Ross) Vert of Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Joan Heffner of Kutztown, PA., and David Ten Eyck of Shepherd, MI. She is also survived by 11 grandchildren; Debra (Bryan) Wells, Lori (Lynn) Gerig, Sherri (Tye) Godfrey, Rick (Tracy) Sweet, Steve (Salina) Vert, Wendy (Rudy) Pataro, Kathy (Dave) Poluck, Tracy (Ken) Grix, Melissa (Bob) Losito, Tiffany Ten Eyck and Tanya (Darin) Mogg. 21 great-grandchildren, and four great-great grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. Also surving is her sister Rita Hudson of Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

Lym was preceded in death by her husband Paul Ten Eyck, two daughters, Barbara Sweet and Paula Ten Eyck, her parents, John and Madeline Raffaelle, six brothers; Roy, Robert, Eugene, Joe, Albert and Bill; three sisters, Teresa Lawrence, Helen Rosini, and Etta Leitz and daughter-in-law, Patty Ten Eyck.


Paul was a man who suffered the loss of everything according to his own claim. Yet any loss he counted as pure gain. The key to this transforming of earthly losses into heavenly gain is love.

What do we love? If our hearts are set on people and possessions and position, the loss of those will indeed be irreparable. To the man or woman who heart is set on Christ, no loss on earth can be irreparable. It may shock us for the moment. We may feel hurt, lonely, outraged, desolate, regret or helpless. That is our humanity. But the Lord can show us the “long view” , the incalculable gain in spiritual and eternal terms, if we love Him above all. Everything that belongs to us belongs also to Him. Everything that belongs to Him belongs also to us. What, then can we finally lose? If we lose not Christ Himself….we have finally lost nothing, for He is our treasure and He has our hearts.

2 Timothy 1:12 (New King James Version)

12 For this reason I also suffer these things; nevertheless I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.

Rest in peace dear grandma…..I know you wouldn’t come back if you could! You are with our Lord! I love you…and I know you are In His Grip~


It’s been an emotionally challenging week here as my uncle passed away on Monday 😦 I am so thankful for the assurance that I will see him again one day so it isn’t *Good-Bye Uncle Dan* but rather….*see you later…forever!* I loved him so…..and his gentle but jolly spirit will be greatly missed through out our entire family.

It’s really late and I am not able to sleep this eveing so I thought I would take the time to upload a few new cards I made. I get so much satisfaction from creating them and sending them to friends and family members.

I have also rediscovered the joy of being a Chemo-Angel, and recently got my wings for a new assignment!! It is a volunteer angeling program where all volunteer angels get the priviledge of adopting a *chemo-buddy* and we send encouragement through snail mail on a regular basis. You can learn more here, If you would like to become an angel yourself, or if you know someone with cancer who could use some angeling….you will enjoy this site.

Here are some of the cards I’ve been busy creating.

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen!


Tickle the earth with a hoe....and she'll laugh a harvest!

Tickle the earth with a hoe....and she'll laugh a harvest!


Card Front: It's Your Birthday! Inside Sentiment: So pucker up and kiss your forties GOODBYE!

Card Front: It's Your Birthday! Inside Sentiment: So pucker up and kiss your forties GOODBYE!


Father's Day Card

Father's Day Card

Card I made for Ashley's Desk: I love that girl!

Card I made for Ashley's Desk: I love that girl!

So thankful tonight that my loved ones and I are In His Grip~

It’s time for me to introduce my best friend and love of my life! I’ve taken the opportunity to introduce my kids, and my grandkids and now it’s time for the person I call my very best friend!

We’ve been married now for nearly 26 years and I would do it all over again with out even hesitating to think about it!

Bryan and I met on New Years Eve in 1983 and became Mr. and Mrs. on August 27, that same year!

He is a much more private person than I am so because I love him so…I will treat this post with the respect HE deserves! If it were up to me…I’d take pages and share about all the reasons I adore this man….but let it be sufficient enough to say that I am so blessed that this man calls me his Valentine year after year!

Here’s Bryan!!

Bryan and Deb in Salt Lake City
Bryan and Deb in Salt Lake City

And remember ….I told you he and I are different so I don’t have to worry about him ever finding out the secret I am about to share….his Valentine Card! LOL I made this for him today……Ahhh…I adore that man!

The Only Remedy For Love...Is To Love More...

The Only Remedy For Love...Is To Love More...



Ok……someone tell me what happened to January! I just can’t believe how fast time moves anymore! It seems I JUST put the last of my Christmas decorations away in the attic for next year! OIY!

In the early part of the month I introduced 3 of my family members and eventually I would like to introduce all of them here on my blog so they all know how very special they are to me. I can’t imagine life without any one of them so I will get on with the introduction of these incredible people in my life!

Meet Jonathon…..his friends call him Jon but his dad and I call him Jonathon! He is our second oldest kiddo and is such a blessing to this family and all who know him! He graduated from Boise Bible College in Spring of 07′, and stayed in Boise because he liked the area and met a special young lady named Alisha there in Boise! Jonathon is a manager at Papa Murphy’s and loves the challenges of the job. He is a people person and hopes one day to take a position as a Youth Pastor in church.

Graduation~May 2007

Jonathon & Alisha: Graduation~May 2007


Tyler is our 3rd oldest, married to Lori, works for AT&T Cingular in Corvallis Oregon. Tyler loves life and is one of those people that others LOVE to be around! He enjoys frisbee golf and adores his dog Zeus!

Tyler in the kitchen cooking......yeah baby!!

Tyler in the kitchen cooking......yeah baby!!


Shane is our oldest 🙂 He is married to Jenny and they have 3 kids! I’ve already shared about 2 of those kiddos here, Jazi and Sayre……now….I’ve been told not to *go nuts* when I introduce others on my blog…..the kids have asked me to *keep things calm*……I wonder why they think they need to remind me to be reasonable???? LOLOL Ok…they all know I adore them and I really could fill pages with my thoughts and heart for each of them….so I promised to keep things under control here! Shane and Jenny live up in the foothills of the Cascade range, they love the outdoors and Shane himself loves working on cars. He fixed up an old mustang and now races it at the Woodburn drag strip…..he wants us to come see him race but it makes me nervous! LOL Both of these kids have hearts of gold….they love the Lord Jesus with a beautiful passion and are such gifts to our whole family!

Shane, Jenny and Jazi~ Waiting for baby sister Sayre!

Shane, Jenny and Jazi~ Waiting for baby sister Sayre!

Our Oldest Grandchild 🙂

Ahhhh… our oldest grandchild….Jonas! Jonas loves to skateboard, play his video games, ride dirt bikes and jump on trampolines! One of our favorite things to do with him his take him to the movies when good ones come out! We’ve seen all of the Pirates of the Carribean with him as well as the Narnia movies that have come out as well…..he is such a cool kid….we are so lucky that he still likes to come over to grandma and grandpa’s house…..dang…I hope that lasts forever!!!

Jonas watching movies on Christmas Eve

Jonas watching movies on Christmas Eve


Ahhhh….there we have the next phase of family ……precious family! I think I did ok not telling too much yah?? Fingers crossed each of them will agree! But hey…’s my blog….and I can showcase who I want right!!?? LOL

Next person I will be introducing will be my best friend and the love of my life….my husband of 26 years! Wow…..did I say that??? 26 years? Where did the time go????

In His Gentle Grip~

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Ok…..first of all……I never did get those pictures in my first post placed where I wanted them to be, but I will keep working at it until I figure it out. I’ll see if I can do any better with today’s post.

I was so excited about setting up my blog yesterday that I could hardly wait until the clock ticked past midnight so I could post again! I know…I know…..get a life right??

Today is my first Family day post! I am going to introduce 3 of my family members to begin with this week……starting from the youngest and work my way UP!

Grandaughter Sayre Nicole Irving~ Age: 3 months

OMGOSH…….isn’t she delicious???? She is the happiest baby I have ever known!! She giggles and smiles without needing any kind of prompting whatsoever. She made her debut into this world on September 16, 2009, joining her mommy and daddy (Shane and Jenny Irving) her big brother (Jonas Irving~12) and her big sister, (Jazmine~2) This was her first Christmas and I swear she was celebrating along with us! Much more on Sayre in post to come…….

Jazmine Monique Irving~ Age: 2 Years

Yup Yup Yup……there she is…..Jazi Mo! Every bit the 2 year old…..already learning how to wink. Until Sayre was born she was our baby girl…..unbelievable how grown up she looks next to her baby sister. Dang……I didn’t know 20 month old kids even knew how to wink so I am thinking she is probably one of the smartest on the planet… seriously…….you think so too don’t you??! Jazi turned 2 on Dec. 17th!
Only Daughter Ashley Brianne Wells~ Age: 19 (for a few more days)

Ash is not only my daughter but has become one of my very best friends! She is really beautiful inside and out. She turns 20 years old on January 7th which is really hard for me to believe because she is my youngest. OIY! She is currently enrolled in her 2nd term of Massage School at Pioneer Pacific College where she is studying to become a liscensed massage therapist. I enjoy her so much and she can make me laugh until my pants are wet! Daughters don’t come any better than this one! Ashley is our baby and she grew up with 3 older brothers…….all that to say….she KNOWS how to take care of herself…..tee hee…..more on that later!

I adore these 3 young ladies and you’ll be hearing much more about them as my blog begins to develop.

There you have it… three youngest family members and their brief bio’s. Now I can hardly wait to to share the dish on them in future posts!

Until tomorrow…….omgosh……that is SUCH a long time from now…….I mean really…..