The girls came to stay for a few days this week! We love it when they come to visit…..we had some serious fun this time! They are getting big enough to be able to follow some very simple instructions and our activities during this visit reflected that!

We made Ladybug Cracker Appetizers that we found on the Taste of Home site for grandpa when he got home from work last night. The girls could hardly wait until Grandpa got home so they could show him and eat the treats they made! I was really surprised how little supervising this activity required. I did the cutting but they did all of the assembling and loved every minute of it!

Then we had fun making fish out of socks! Yes….you heard right…..we took brand new socks….stuffed them with tissue paper….fixed a washer in the toe and fished for them! We made fishing poles from glitter batons we bought at the Dollar Tree and attached yarn with a magnet on the end for our *hooks*. Hours of fun for sure!!!

Next time we learn to sew!!! Plastic canvas and yarn to start with……counting the days……

Joyfully In His Grip~


I love being a homemaker and I love sharing the ideas I’ve come up with, with others! Now that I am a grandmother of 3….and two of them being little girls…..I am excited to be able to share this love of cooking and baking with them!

With Christmas getting close, I decided I would make my little angels a few things to help mommy in the kitchen…..this has been so so much fun for me!

The pictures below are not very high quality and I do apologize for the poor photography skills, but I think you will get some good ideas regardless!

With two…….things need to be nearly the same….but not! LOL I had to keep that in mind while I made their little aprons and accessories to go with them 🙂

Two lil' aprons for two lil' homemakers


The potholders were handmade….I just used some of the coordinating fabric from the aprons and was able to get 4 kid sized potholders from it!

Incidently…..I shopped all year long at Goodwill for fabric and paid only cents on the dollar for all of the fabric I used for this project 🙂

The baking mixes…..are ready for this?? Drum roll please…….these are Jiffy Mixes! Yes…they cost only .48 cents a piece 🙂 I was able to get 4 different mixes for each of the girls. Fudge Brownie, Cornbread, raspberry Muffins and Blueberry Muffins. I just poured the contents into clear freezer bags and used pink and black paper toppers for identification. I also printed the names of the girls and each of their mixes on labels to help them each identify their own easily. I printed the directions for adding the wet ingredients on the back of each label 🙂

Pot Holders:Mini Baking Dishes:Mixes


I found each of the mini baking dishes at Goodwill and waited until their *color* tag came onsale….I was able to get each of these *Corningware* baking dishes for .99 cents each 🙂 Grandpa’s happy!!

Potholders/Mini Baking Dishes


Nice Variety of Mini-Mixes for lil' homemakers 🙂


I made each of the girls little oven had protectors… can see in the picture that my big ol’ hand is too big for them……

Mini oven protectors (you can see my hand is too big for these....


Anyone else making homemade gifts this year??? I’d love to hear/see what you are doing!

Happily in His Grip~