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The following entry is re-blogged from one of my dear sisters blogs….I cried when I read it and am so blessed to be encouraged by Robin to keep my lamp full of oil and the wick trimmed……thank you dear friend for being such a beautiful example of a Wise Virgin…..


what are you waiting for?



    waiting and watching.

        expecting something better,

                          something beautiful,

something that fills the longing.


i do it when i know a long awaited trip lies ahead on my calendar.

or a special dinner with friends i haven’t seen in a long time.

or a quiet date with my husband.

                     –   –        –  –       –  –       –  –

i just read the final pages of my favorite book.

the book that tells my story.

    His story.

        our story.


and i have shivers,

and goosebumps raise,

and anticipation whelms me

as I glimpse what lies ahead for me.


a feast.

    a wedding. 

        a homecoming.


and i am reminded of where i should be gazing expectantly.

    not at my calendar.

        or to any plan or vision of the natural kind.



i cast my heart, my eyes, my longing, my hopes, and my expectation to the skies.

i am a bride and i am waiting for my Groom.

He is coming soon, and even if it is a lifetime from now

a lifetime waiting for Him and being ready is a life not wasted.

He is the fulfillment of every desire,

    now and then.


every other is thin and pale in comparison.


won’t you  join me in watching and waiting?

read Revelation 19 – 22.  

i pray the beauty and the hope overwhelm you too.


For more of Robin’s encouragement, visit her blog here.


Blessed to be In His Grip~



Hey Ladies!


Just a quick note to say hello to all of you and let you know I’ve been praying for each of you! thanks again for another really wonderful night at your house last Friday 🙂 I always come away from my time with you girls refreshed and renewed! Thank you thank you!


As promised… is Pastor JD Farag’s weekly prophecy update 🙂 You will hear a few things that sound familiar as we touched on some of the Syria news on Friday night….pay close attention to his take on it…..God has blessed him with some keen insight concerning the prophecies that are lining up and being fulfilled right now in the Middle East….enjoy!



Here is another resource link to more studies much like the one we went through on Friday night in regards to the Jewish Wedding Traditions and the similarities to the Rapture of the Church….this is a wonderful site! Be sure to click through all of the categories on the left side menu when you get to the home page….I am sure you will find something that piques your interests!


The Bridal Covenant


For those of you that may have missed my first post to all of you last week….you can find it here. There are several links to sites I use on a daily basis……for the serious prophecy student….it will keep you busy for weeks 😉


And finally…….don’t forget this weeks assignment! Ok……there is no grade for this assignment…..but alas…..let’s all try to bring ONE headline or news article to our Friday Night meeting and see how it squares up against the Bible….we are learning how to recognize the signs of the times we now live in……we are that generation ladies! TIP: keep in mind what we’ve already discussed about some of the major obvious signs….IE: Israel, Middle East, Global relations concerning countries, knowledge, weather, condition of mans hearts toward one another…toward God. Global Economy……to name a few…..


I can’t wait to see you all this Friday should the Lord allow! If not…I’ll see you all in the air!


Happily In His Grip~


131) Permission to slow down

131) musical gifts in other members of the family of faith

132) Ears to hear….Thank You, Thank You Lord for ears to hear.

133) Eyes to see…..Thank You Father for eyes to see things in the spirit…….this is truly new to me and I appreciate it so much.

134) Brothers and sisters who love You as much as I do.

135) The presence of the Lord

136) A wheelbarrow tire that is fixed and full of air

137) My friend Nancy’s warm smile

138) A wood source for our wood stove

139) the joy I experienced in serving my husband today

140) Joe, our gas man…..he is a believer and it is so wonderful to get gas from his station…..he oozes with the joy of the Lord

141) The revival I am reading about that is taking place around the world right now…..I know the Lord is bringing in the full number of the gentiles!

142) Fruit Smoothies

143) Rain clouds…….

144) My kid sister, Sherri :~}

145) The daffodil blades that have poked up through the soil in our flower beds

146) Azure Food Co-Op

147) Our Pastor and online shephard…Jon Courson

148) Spiritually hungry girls at the Harriett House….so thankful for those ladies….

149) Our grandson Jonas…..what a kid!

150) Good books

Thankfully in His Grip~

Again today… awareness of my condition before the throne of God is glaring… seems as if I might have had enough of Him to immunize me into thinking *all might be well*…….


Ecclesiastes 1:8 ~ For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.



Have I become a true *good legalist*? Generally good….at least enough for folks to notice…….uugghhh…..sick….:(


I know for fact….that kind of religion doesn’t work…..I’ve been caught in it before…only to experience a decline in my walk with Him and my faith as well. It’s relationship WITH Him that I need and long for……


I am grateful today that He woke me up…..that He causes me to thirst… hunger for more of Him. But wait…..the closer I seem to get to the cross….the LIGHT……the more visible my stains become. My own wretchedness is glaring! The gap between where I am and God’s Holiness is widening! Not closing like I had thought……



I’ve broken His heart so many times….and while it saddens me to the point of brokeness….I am grateful for eyes that can now see the blackness of my own heart…..that understands a little more today… HUGE need of a Savior…..for being rescued by a Holy God.


This awareness keeps me coming to him….keeps me aware of my need for Him to continually rescue me….to change me…..from glory to glory…..


Gratefully In His Grip~

Can ancient prophecies about Israel be true? Is the Bible true or relevant today? I am certain that I couldn’t count how many times I’ve heard prophecy Scholars state that Israel is the Lord’s *Super Sign* as an indicator of how things will look and what will be happening just before He returns for His church…..the following video was a joy to watch and my heart about burst with love for the Lord after watching it…..enjoy!



In His Faithful Grip~


Acts 14:8a In Lystra there sat a man crippled in his feet…


Thoughts for Today:


We know from these opening words: “In Lystra there sat a man crippled in his feet…” that a healing is going to happen. Why? Because there are numerous scenes in the Bible similar to this one when a cripple is healed or a lame person walks. Have you ever wondered why the Lord uses this particular illustration so frequently? I believe it is because the Lord is telling us in the form of a story that life without Jesus is like going through life, “crippled in [your] feet.”


I was speaking with a young man recently who was having difficulty in his marriage. The more I listened the more I realized the problem wasn’t his wife, the pressure of finances, or his children — those were convenient excuses. The real problem was his ‘crippled’ thought process. As we talked further about what was wrong he asked me, “How can I fix myself? Should I get counseling?” I told him Christian counseling would help a lot, but the only real solution is Jesus. He thought about that for a moment, and said “I already am a Christian, I have already prayed about this, I have already given my marriage to Jesus, and still I’m in trouble. Maybe I need something else.”


Now be honest with yourself, have you ever felt that way before: “Jesus just isn’t working, maybe I need something else?” Too often we look to someone or something else to fix us, when we should be looking inside — to Christ in us — as Paul will say — “our hope of glory.” We know we are all born with sin and if sin is left unchecked in our lives it will cripple us. Sin not only affects the emotional areas of our lives but also infects every relationship we have (marriage included), and activity we become involved in (work, sports, ministry, etc). It’s important to recognize that just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t sin anymore; rather it means you are forgiven. The real difference is you don’t have to be controlled by sin any longer — we have a choice. So what are you choosing? If you are a Christian you are fortunate because Christ’s death rendered sin powerless over you — however this is where most Christian’s fail in their battle against sin, they ! don’t replace the sin with it’s opposite.


Questions to ponder~


Here’s a partial list of sin. Take a moment and replace the negative emotion with a positive one (I’ve done the first for you as an example):

* Envy — replaced with: doing the best I can with the abilities God gave me.

* Greed — replaced with: __________________________________.

* Malice — replaced with: _________________________________.

* Lust — replaced with: ___________________________________.

* Anger — replaced with: __________________________________.

* Pride — replaced with: __________________________________.

Modern psychology focuses on why we feel the way we do. The Bible answers this question simply and exhaustively — sin. Jesus is the answer, but the choice remains yours. The Lord has given us a road map through His Word (the Bible) and His example to peace, contentment, and a full life. What will your choice be?



Pocket Devotions~


In His Grip~


Luke 21:28


And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.


Pastor JD’s weekly updates are so encouraging to so many of God’s children around the world! Very much worth the time it takes to listen to them!



Lord~ Break my heart with what breaks Your’s….



In His Wonderful Grip~

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