Yes!! I heart Pinterest!!!


After leaving facebook I figured I’d have a great deal of time on my hands so what did I do?? Trotted straight over to Pinterest……..hmmmm…….


Well…..I can’t say I am sorry! I’ve discovered so many great ideas and I want to share them here! It’s hard to pick my favorite….or even my top 10 so I will start with my current favorites tonight 🙂




I love to find different ways to tell my husband *I Love You*… the past I’ve sent cards in his lunch to work with him…..I’ve left messages on his bathroom mirror with a dry erase pen for him to wake up to………drum roll please…..he has his own personal message board on the counter in the kitchen that I can write love notes to him any time of the day or night! It’s a simple 5×7 picture frame with some nice printed paper behind the glass…..and a dry erase pen works perfect to keep fresh messages flowing his way! He tells me he loves it…….I know he does because it’s the first thing he glances at when he comes home from work and the first thing he looks at in the morning when he wakes up. It’s a pleasure for me to know I am putting a spring in his step each day……now….if only I could learn to use a camera……I wonder if Pinterest could help me with that….???????





I am working hard at getting healthier….eating healthier……getting fit. I am also a VERY visual person and charting successes has always been super helpful to keep me motivated and on track. I also hate…..and I mean HATE bathroom scales……until last Oct., I hadn’t stepped on one in nearly two years. I’ve heard they make you cry….I believe it. I found something on Pinterest that has changed all of that for me! Now….I can hardly wait until weigh day!! Two small globe vases, tied with pretty ribbon…..and the same number of glass decorator stones as the number of pounds I want to lose. Now each weigh day I get to transfer the number of pounds (stones) from the *to go* jar to the *pounds lost* jar! No…..really……check it out! 🙂



There’s more!! But not tonight……another day…..when my camera isn’t so fussy…..


If you haven’t joined Pinterest…….you should! It’s a lot of fun!!


Joyfully In His Grip~


Again today… awareness of my condition before the throne of God is glaring… seems as if I might have had enough of Him to immunize me into thinking *all might be well*…….


Ecclesiastes 1:8 ~ For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increases knowledge increases sorrow.



Have I become a true *good legalist*? Generally good….at least enough for folks to notice…….uugghhh…..sick….:(


I know for fact….that kind of religion doesn’t work…..I’ve been caught in it before…only to experience a decline in my walk with Him and my faith as well. It’s relationship WITH Him that I need and long for……


I am grateful today that He woke me up…..that He causes me to thirst… hunger for more of Him. But wait…..the closer I seem to get to the cross….the LIGHT……the more visible my stains become. My own wretchedness is glaring! The gap between where I am and God’s Holiness is widening! Not closing like I had thought……



I’ve broken His heart so many times….and while it saddens me to the point of brokeness….I am grateful for eyes that can now see the blackness of my own heart…..that understands a little more today… HUGE need of a Savior…..for being rescued by a Holy God.


This awareness keeps me coming to him….keeps me aware of my need for Him to continually rescue me….to change me…..from glory to glory…..


Gratefully In His Grip~

Can ancient prophecies about Israel be true? Is the Bible true or relevant today? I am certain that I couldn’t count how many times I’ve heard prophecy Scholars state that Israel is the Lord’s *Super Sign* as an indicator of how things will look and what will be happening just before He returns for His church…..the following video was a joy to watch and my heart about burst with love for the Lord after watching it…..enjoy!



In His Faithful Grip~


Acts 14:8a In Lystra there sat a man crippled in his feet…


Thoughts for Today:


We know from these opening words: “In Lystra there sat a man crippled in his feet…” that a healing is going to happen. Why? Because there are numerous scenes in the Bible similar to this one when a cripple is healed or a lame person walks. Have you ever wondered why the Lord uses this particular illustration so frequently? I believe it is because the Lord is telling us in the form of a story that life without Jesus is like going through life, “crippled in [your] feet.”


I was speaking with a young man recently who was having difficulty in his marriage. The more I listened the more I realized the problem wasn’t his wife, the pressure of finances, or his children — those were convenient excuses. The real problem was his ‘crippled’ thought process. As we talked further about what was wrong he asked me, “How can I fix myself? Should I get counseling?” I told him Christian counseling would help a lot, but the only real solution is Jesus. He thought about that for a moment, and said “I already am a Christian, I have already prayed about this, I have already given my marriage to Jesus, and still I’m in trouble. Maybe I need something else.”


Now be honest with yourself, have you ever felt that way before: “Jesus just isn’t working, maybe I need something else?” Too often we look to someone or something else to fix us, when we should be looking inside — to Christ in us — as Paul will say — “our hope of glory.” We know we are all born with sin and if sin is left unchecked in our lives it will cripple us. Sin not only affects the emotional areas of our lives but also infects every relationship we have (marriage included), and activity we become involved in (work, sports, ministry, etc). It’s important to recognize that just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t sin anymore; rather it means you are forgiven. The real difference is you don’t have to be controlled by sin any longer — we have a choice. So what are you choosing? If you are a Christian you are fortunate because Christ’s death rendered sin powerless over you — however this is where most Christian’s fail in their battle against sin, they ! don’t replace the sin with it’s opposite.


Questions to ponder~


Here’s a partial list of sin. Take a moment and replace the negative emotion with a positive one (I’ve done the first for you as an example):

* Envy — replaced with: doing the best I can with the abilities God gave me.

* Greed — replaced with: __________________________________.

* Malice — replaced with: _________________________________.

* Lust — replaced with: ___________________________________.

* Anger — replaced with: __________________________________.

* Pride — replaced with: __________________________________.

Modern psychology focuses on why we feel the way we do. The Bible answers this question simply and exhaustively — sin. Jesus is the answer, but the choice remains yours. The Lord has given us a road map through His Word (the Bible) and His example to peace, contentment, and a full life. What will your choice be?



Pocket Devotions~


In His Grip~


Luke 21:28


And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near.


Pastor JD’s weekly updates are so encouraging to so many of God’s children around the world! Very much worth the time it takes to listen to them!



Lord~ Break my heart with what breaks Your’s….



In His Wonderful Grip~

Phillipians 1: 3-6


I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now. For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.




And I’d like to thank all of you for inviting me to come to your home and share last night. I was blessed through and through! I came home and told my husband Bryan that the Lord was up to something VERY SPECIAL in the hearts of the precious women of your generation and especially in each and every heart I met last night! I have the distinct sense that it will be me that learns the most from our time together! It makes my heart smile 🙂 Isn’t that just like our Lord?


My heart has been full all day long and I’ve been in prayer for each one of you personally throughout my day. I will continue to keep each of you held up in prayer before the Lord as the Holy Spirit leads me….I truly cherish the privilege and my joy meter measures off the charts because I get to 🙂


A couple of you had questions after our time together last night so I am going to attempt to help with those right now:

Liz~ You asked about the *technology* verse……I looked through most of my notes and studies and found that in the King James version the word *technology* is not used….in a few other translations it is, but for my own studies I use the King James version….Daniel 12:4 But you, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (Technology being translated or considered knowledge as well) As I was looking this up it struck me that the verse mentions that people will be running to and fro…..perhaps referring to the air traffic we spoke about last night? At the turn of the last century…knowledge exploded….transportation is just one of the areas that stands out…..the computer industry is another obvious one to me…..anymore….when one purchases a computer device of any kind….it is nearly obsolete before it’s brought home! I hope this helps…..


You and Ashley also asked about *that generation not passing before He returns*~ Here is the verse with some commentary as well…..I probably don’t have to remind you…but just for good measure….keep in mind that the Rapture and His Second Coming are two different events that happen at different times….7 years apart to be exact….in the verses below the Second Coming is what is being referenced……


Below is a brief reference to the verse that I found on one of my resource sites online called *Grace Thru Faith* authored by Jack Kelley. I use his site a lot…..


Q. Where in the bible does it refer to Israel  and the generation which sees it become a state again being the generation to see the end times. In Matthew (Olivet Disclosure) I don’t see a connection with Israel becoming a nation again.


A. The verse about the final generation is Matt. 24:34.  There are several statements in the Olivet Discourse that require Israel to be a nation in covenant with God at the End of the Age.  The first is the reference to a Temple in Matt. 24:15 (the Holy Place) followed by the warning to “those in Judea” in the next verse.  Judea was Israel’s name in New Testament times. Finally there’s the Lord’s admonition for them to pray that their flight not be on a Sabbath.  Only covenant keeping Jews are forbidden from traveling on the Sabbath.

In addition, Isaiah 11:11, Amos 9:14-15, and Ezekiel 36:12 all speak of Israel being restored as a nation in the Last Days.  When you put it all together you see that the restoration of Israel was the first major sign that the end of the age is upon us, and that the generation being born at that time would still be alive at the 2nd Coming. Again…I hope you found this useful…..


Below you will find a list of links to the sites I visit most often for studying and research……as we move through our studies together….I will post links to the global media sites I use most often…..


Jon Courson’s Searchlight Ministies~ This is probably my all time favorite bible study site online. The site is full of archived sermons by Pastor Jon. If you look on the left side menu, you can choose to listen to sermons topically, or verse by verse. I’ve learned more here than probably anywhere.


His Channel~ We thoroughly enjoy this site! Again…it’s a library of teachings that we can listen to on demand. Some of our favorites are: World News Briefing (with Chuck Smith and Don Stewart), Turning Point (with Dr. David Jeremiah), and The Hal Lindsey Report…..there are many other wonderful ones here as well. When you get to the home page….look for the VIDEO ON DEMAND tab near the top… on it and your library will open up.


I mentioned Grace Thru Faith above….I LOVE Jack Kelley’s site….he is a trusted pastor and his site is full of information….it has a great search engine and you can type in almost any question you have and you will find information or places to start your own research….


I can’t wait to see you all again next Friday…..until then….just know that someone will be whispering all of your names in prayer this week….thanks again ladies…..I love you all…..


Humbly In His Grip~





My heart is full tonight! Full of gratitude for all of the Lords blessings in my life… I grow in my new habit…it becomes easier and easier to recognize all of these wonderful gifts and I can tell I am not taking so many of them for granted anymore……



My List continues~


91) February Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest!!!! WOOT!

92) Yard work in February

93) The sound of lawn mowers in February

94) A husband who loves to cut wood for winter heating.

95) My friend Becky and her steady friendship.

96) The joy is experienced last night at the Harriet House with the girls who joined our study…..seriously amazing women of God.

97) The fact I can still hula hoop! (More on this in a Hula update…..good news…..GREAT news!) 🙂

98) Spring…..signs of spring…..all that is spring….

99) Pinterest. I’ve found so many ideas on Pinterest that I’ve actually tried and now use on a daily basis. I will post a blog entry about the successes soon.

100) Electricity. I am listening to my dryer tumble and am so thankful for the convenience of modern technology in this home.

101) Indoor plumbing….for obvious reasons!

102) The sincere love of good family friends.

103) Pictures that invoke warm, meaningful thoughts.

104) Anointed worship music.

105) Our family meal table.

106) Neighbors that care.

107) New relationships and friendships

108) Old relationships and friendships

109) The roar of the ocean

110) The peace I find in the mountains and on the river

111) Of my daughters smile

112) Of my husbands flirty wink

113) When my husband reaches for my hand when we walk together.

114) Rest

115) Finding a purpose and knowing I am being used for service to the Lord.

116) Walking into a warm house

117) Belly laughter

118) That I am truly learning to WANT what I have instead of wanting what I don’t have….

119) That I am alive right here….right now….for such a time as this…..

120) Phone calls from our sons and their families…

121) Random text messages from friends and family to just say hi or to let me know I am being prayed for…..just wow….

122) Fellowshipping with and hearing the testimony of friends and family who have had their prayers answered.

123) Afternoon naps.

124) Gods attention to all of the details of my life….He cares about what concerns me

125) Almond/Coconut Milk smoothies with hazelnut butter…..

126) For the ability both physically and financially to be able to attend Curves

127) Kisses from my grand daughters and ahem….hugs from my 15 year old grandson 🙂

128) Being able to listen to sermons of so many of my favorite Pastors online.

129) Lying on the couch under my favorite blanket with the fire cracking, watching a movie or reading a good book.

130) Precious….sweet quiet time with my Lord….not the kind of time that requires studying but rather the kind that involves just communing with each other…..intimate fellowship….


Gratefully In His Grip~