131) Permission to slow down

131) musical gifts in other members of the family of faith

132) Ears to hear….Thank You, Thank You Lord for ears to hear.

133) Eyes to see…..Thank You Father for eyes to see things in the spirit…….this is truly new to me and I appreciate it so much.

134) Brothers and sisters who love You as much as I do.

135) The presence of the Lord

136) A wheelbarrow tire that is fixed and full of air

137) My friend Nancy’s warm smile

138) A wood source for our wood stove

139) the joy I experienced in serving my husband today

140) Joe, our gas man…..he is a believer and it is so wonderful to get gas from his station…..he oozes with the joy of the Lord

141) The revival I am reading about that is taking place around the world right now…..I know the Lord is bringing in the full number of the gentiles!

142) Fruit Smoothies

143) Rain clouds…….

144) My kid sister, Sherri :~}

145) The daffodil blades that have poked up through the soil in our flower beds

146) Azure Food Co-Op

147) Our Pastor and online shephard…Jon Courson

148) Spiritually hungry girls at the Harriett House….so thankful for those ladies….

149) Our grandson Jonas…..what a kid!

150) Good books

Thankfully in His Grip~