131) Permission to slow down

131) musical gifts in other members of the family of faith

132) Ears to hear….Thank You, Thank You Lord for ears to hear.

133) Eyes to see…..Thank You Father for eyes to see things in the spirit…….this is truly new to me and I appreciate it so much.

134) Brothers and sisters who love You as much as I do.

135) The presence of the Lord

136) A wheelbarrow tire that is fixed and full of air

137) My friend Nancy’s warm smile

138) A wood source for our wood stove

139) the joy I experienced in serving my husband today

140) Joe, our gas man…..he is a believer and it is so wonderful to get gas from his station…..he oozes with the joy of the Lord

141) The revival I am reading about that is taking place around the world right now…..I know the Lord is bringing in the full number of the gentiles!

142) Fruit Smoothies

143) Rain clouds…….

144) My kid sister, Sherri :~}

145) The daffodil blades that have poked up through the soil in our flower beds

146) Azure Food Co-Op

147) Our Pastor and online shephard…Jon Courson

148) Spiritually hungry girls at the Harriett House….so thankful for those ladies….

149) Our grandson Jonas…..what a kid!

150) Good books

Thankfully in His Grip~


My heart is full tonight! Full of gratitude for all of the Lords blessings in my life…..as I grow in my new habit…it becomes easier and easier to recognize all of these wonderful gifts and I can tell I am not taking so many of them for granted anymore……



My List continues~


91) February Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest!!!! WOOT!

92) Yard work in February

93) The sound of lawn mowers in February

94) A husband who loves to cut wood for winter heating.

95) My friend Becky and her steady friendship.

96) The joy is experienced last night at the Harriet House with the girls who joined our study…..seriously amazing women of God.

97) The fact I can still hula hoop! (More on this in a Hula update…..good news…..GREAT news!) 🙂

98) Spring…..signs of spring…..all that is spring….

99) Pinterest. I’ve found so many ideas on Pinterest that I’ve actually tried and now use on a daily basis. I will post a blog entry about the successes soon.

100) Electricity. I am listening to my dryer tumble and am so thankful for the convenience of modern technology in this home.

101) Indoor plumbing….for obvious reasons!

102) The sincere love of good family friends.

103) Pictures that invoke warm, meaningful thoughts.

104) Anointed worship music.

105) Our family meal table.

106) Neighbors that care.

107) New relationships and friendships

108) Old relationships and friendships

109) The roar of the ocean

110) The peace I find in the mountains and on the river

111) Of my daughters smile

112) Of my husbands flirty wink

113) When my husband reaches for my hand when we walk together.

114) Rest

115) Finding a purpose and knowing I am being used for service to the Lord.

116) Walking into a warm house

117) Belly laughter

118) That I am truly learning to WANT what I have instead of wanting what I don’t have….

119) That I am alive right here….right now….for such a time as this…..

120) Phone calls from our sons and their families…

121) Random text messages from friends and family to just say hi or to let me know I am being prayed for…..just wow….

122) Fellowshipping with and hearing the testimony of friends and family who have had their prayers answered.

123) Afternoon naps.

124) Gods attention to all of the details of my life….He cares about what concerns me

125) Almond/Coconut Milk smoothies with hazelnut butter…..

126) For the ability both physically and financially to be able to attend Curves

127) Kisses from my grand daughters and ahem….hugs from my 15 year old grandson 🙂

128) Being able to listen to sermons of so many of my favorite Pastors online.

129) Lying on the couch under my favorite blanket with the fire cracking, watching a movie or reading a good book.

130) Precious….sweet quiet time with my Lord….not the kind of time that requires studying but rather the kind that involves just communing with each other…..intimate fellowship….


Gratefully In His Grip~


James 1:17


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.


So very thankful this evening for so very much!


1000 Gifts continued~


I am thankful for:


57 ) A patio to BBQ under during winter in the Pacific Northwest

58 ) Little out of the way stores that have wonderfully useful supplies….

59) My husband….I know I’ve mentioned him a couple of times already but truly….he is my *happily ever after* 🙂

60) The daughters of the King who live at The Harriett House.

61) Coconut Oil

62) Daffodil bulbs attempting to burst through the cold soil…..reminding me that spring is truly on its way.

63) The Bible…..

64) Fresh, clean drinking water

65) Telephones :)))

66) Good coffee

67) Good tea….Earl Grey…oh yes….

68) The privilege of prayer

69) Hot water to bathe in….

70) The Willamette Valley….where I live…..breathtakingly beautiful……seriously.

71) 2nd Hand Stores

72) Snail Mail

73) Pastor JD Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe

74) Pastor Jon Courson of Applegate Fellowship in Medford Oregon

75) Corvallis Calvary Chapel

76) Joy!!

77) Peace!!

78) Hope!!

79) Sunshine in winter

80) Friendly business people

81) Some wonderful neighbors

82) Garden Fertilizers

83) Heirloom vegetable seeds

84) Honey…..yes…I love honey….in my tea….on my toast…..such a treat!

85) Popcorn…..now don’t laugh….I bet you are thankful for popcorn too!

86) Rotary Cutters

87) Cutting Mats

88) Cutting rulers

89) Free online quilt block patterns!

90) Coffee Nips

Enjoying the undeserved abundance In His Grip!

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?





“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”. 1 Thessalonians 5:18


If you’ve read this blog in the early days of this month…..you are aware that I accepted a challenge to document 1000 Gifts this year. There are no real rules as to how a person can document their gratitude….just that they do! The objective is to develop an *attitude of gratitude*. The challenger, Ann VosKamp suggests we document 3 gifts a day. Sometimes there are days that go by that I don’t get on the computer long enough to write a blog entry so I will take this opportunity tonight to document several of my gifts! These are gifts that I HAVE, not gifts I am seeking, want or asking God for.


My goodness….there are so many!


1000 Gifts~


21. A comfortable, dependable car.

22. A wonderful bed to rest in.

23. I am so thankful for the gift of my home.

24. Good health

25. My husbands good health

26. A godly husband

27. So many good friends, near and far

28. Everyone who’s last names are: Sweet, Wells, Irving, Vert, TenEyck, Gerig, Godfrey, Champagne, Baer, Kneiling…..there’s more >wink

29. Our wood stove

30. Clothes to wear

31. Abundant and good food to eat

32. A washer and dryer that works to help lighten my load

33. A dishwasher that does the same

34. For a heart of flesh…..(the Lord exchanged my heart of stone for this heart that can now feel both joy and pain….

35. For the courage God has blessed me with to share His goodness

36. For a deep hunger to know Him more intimately. I know this is a gift because there is no good thing in me except Him….His Spirit draws me…

37. Evergreen trees

38. This computer

39. Chocolate chip cookies

40. My new set of dishes from my mother in law after she moved into the retirement home she now lives in. I’ve never had a matching set of dishes before….clearly….all was ok in my world but what a delight to have dishes that match!

41. Warm comfortable slippers

42. My oversized blue fleece turtleneck…..it’s like wearing a blanket…

43. For the book series I am reading by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins: The Stories of John, Mark, Luke and Matthew.

44. The ability to create with paper, fabric, clay…..

45. Yogurt

46. Lip balm

47. Love

48. For those people who choose to believe in the best in me

49. For those in my life who are not afraid to speak truth to me…..

50. Forgiveness

51. The laughter of my children

52. The laughter of their children

53. For the Hope Christ has given me….

54. The ability to teach

55. Good good books

56. Good worship music



Truly grateful to be in His grip tonight~

I recently discovered a treasure of a blog called *A Holy Experience* where it’s owner, Ann Voskamp has posted a challenge. The challenge is called The Joy Dare As I read through Ann’s challenge, I could feel an excitement rise up inside me. I was reminded of a verse in the Word of God that has proven powerfully effective for me throughout my walk with Jesus.

Isa 61:3 KJV To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness ; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

Ann describes her challenge as a dare to live fully right where you are. I love that! I pray daily that my life would be pleasing to the Lord…..that it would bring Him glory. What better way could I reflect His glory than to learn the practice of gratitude and praise? This challenge is to declare and document 1000 gifts the Lord has blessed our lives with for an entire year. I know that sounds daunting but that is only three a day! By the end of the year….the challenge will have been met, a brand new healthy habit will have been developed….all the while reflecting glory to God. Because I am starting in the middle of the first month……for the rest of the month…..I will journal four a day.

I was struck by a quote Ann posted on her challenge page:

“A nail is driven out by another nail;
habit is overcome by habit.” ~ Erasmus

This suggests to me that taking up this challenge will require some firm and diligent effort on my part….some decided effort. I am familiar with praising my savior when things are bright and sunny in my life….but sadly….not so familiar when I am facing challenges….heartbreak…..oppression….depression.

Yes….I accept! I am accepting Ann’s challenge today…..right now…..I start! I pray that *praise* will become second nature to me…..my first *go to* behavior when trials come my way. I pray that my life would glorify my King!

On Ann’s challenge page….she has provided a way to journal the commitment throughout the year. There is a daily calendar to help with ideas to express own own personal gratitude. She also suggests several different methods for documenting your daily expressions of gratitude. These are only suggestions and one could adapt the challenge to fit our very own preferences.

I will be blogging mine…..in fact…it’s a perfect activity for me as I’ve just started blogging again after almost nearly a year. So grateful the Lord provides as He leads!! There’s one for me! Thank you Father God for the intimate ways you lead and provide for your children!

So…I begin!

1) I am so grateful for God’s Son. He is my Lord and Savior. He took upon Himself the weight of all of my sin and bore it on the cross for me. The punishment that I deserve…He took for me. He purchased my pardon….forever…..I am free because of Him! I get to live eternally with He and the Father because of His love! I just can’t resist love like that!

Lion of Judah
2) God’s written word…..His word is alive! It guides, comforts, teaches, corrects, provides power, wisdom, understanding, strength……to name only a few of the things it means to me. I haven’t always loved the word like I do today. I never sat still with it long enough to hear…..and to see….to experience its power.

The Bible
3) My husband and best friend Bryan. I would rather do nothing with him than anything with someone else. We’ve been married almost 29 years and I love him more every day we are given together. I am convinced that God had me in mind when he created Bryan……He knew I would need this man…..

My Bry-Guy!

4) Family and Friends~ I know this one sounds like it should be a given….and it is…however I am beyond grateful for the gifts the Lord has given me in the family I’ve been born into and the friends I’ve met along the way. I will number each them specifically throughout the year, but for today….I am grateful for all of them!

There they are....I bet you love them too!


Give Thanks!!


Grateful to be In His Grip~


…….blogging, ladybugs, my massage therapist daughter ( I’d love her even if she didn’t give me massages >wink<), square foot gardening, my Solara, people who visit my blog and leave comments, papercrafting, being a grandma, reading good books, friends, cooking, MY HUSBAND :), being a child of God….oh there’s more…..I am just bursting with gratitude this evening and had to share it with someone!

I just found out yesterday that wordpress has chosen my blog as their featured CRAFT blog!! Who knew!? I’ve only been blogging for about 2 months now, so I’d love to know what I did *right* to earn this honor! I am thrilled to have been chosen for it and I guess I should not concern myself with *how* it happened and just keep doing more of what I’ve been doing! Just sharing my heart and interests here on my virtual journal……..yup…..that’s what I’ll do……just keep on doing what I love doing and sharing it here in my lil’ corner of the net!

Last week I created an award for blog pages that I love visiting and since then, I’ve been contacted by people in the UK, Germany and Australia, letting me know the award had traveled to those countries. How fun to know that my *Makes My Heart Smile* award has traveled so far! WOW! It really makes my heart smile to know that my award has made so many other hearts smile!

Happy to be In His Grip tonight~