“She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.”
-Proverbs 31:13
I’ve been having fun making these therapy bags for people for about 2 months now. My daughter, Ashley, works at a Luxury Massage Therapy Salon in Salem Oregon and the owner of the salon asked her if I could make something up for use in the salon as an added service. She sent home this bag to see if I could reproduce it and I’ve been having fun ever since!
I gave them to almost everyone on my Christmas list this year and have been busy filling orders for more. Several of my friends are hair stylists and they have been using them in their own businesses for their customers….they simply pop them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and place them over the shoulders of their clients….then put the aprons on over that and their clients are in heaven!
These are filled with flax seed and are weighted to help pull stress and tension out of the neck and shoulder areas. I also add lavender Essential Oils so there is a nice mild scent of lavender emitting from them as well…..so soothing and calming.
I make them by hand….meaning…I don’t use a sewing machine. Every stitch is loving stitched by hand. I use Quilting Thread (doubled for extra durable construction)
These can also be put in the freezer for cold therapy. Some injuries require alternating heat/cold therapy…..these are perfect for that! Something I did discover though…if it is put in the preezer…it must be slipped inside a ziplock type freezer bag. It is important that the therapy bag always be free of moisture. It will affect the flax seed and cause the seed to swell.
It’s a perfect gift for someone who works at a desk all day long….several of my sons co-workers have purchased them and now….most of the office wants them too!
Ahhhh….I love being kept busy during the long winter days…..
Valentines Day is coming into view so I will be putting my therapy bags aside for just a bit and will crack out my paper crafting supplies!!!!
What keeps you busy these days?
In His Marvelous Grip~